Producing the Calendar

 1. print pattern, use 120g paper

 2. firmly trace vertical lines with an empty ballpoint pen f.i.

 3. fold paper along vertical lines

 4. carefully cut out the 4 paper strips


Do fixations with small paper clips or "party clips".

Every pale coloured month becomes situated inside.

 5. bring February onto February; fix between January and March (pale)

 6. bring September onto September and December onto December, fix between August (pale) und January

 7. bring November onto November, October onto October and June onto June, fix between e1 and b3

 8. April onto April, March onto March and May onto May, undo fixation February, fix between e3 and b2

 9. January onto January, undo fixation September, July onto July, fix between e2 und b1

10. b4 onto August (pale), August onto b4, e4 under October.

11. undo all fixations

12. simultaneously: b3 onto May (pale), b2 onto July (pale) and b1 onto June (pale), an iris shutter

13. June onto b1,  e1 onto b2, July onto e1, May onto e2 and, finally, e3 under June.

14. tap every face firm