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(african rattle capsule*)

8 vertices

15 edges

9 sides
3 squares (3 sq.)
6 isoceles, right
triangles (6 tr.)

triangular prism with 2 pyramidal caps

1 strip
into 4 parts

36 tr.

pattern download: 2103 x 1217 pix, 333 kB: st4.jpg
as pdf-file: st4.pdf
plaiting scheme: a2↓↑i5, a7↑↑i3, a5↓↑i8, a8↓↑i2, a4↑↑i9, a9↓↑i7, a1↑↑i6, a6↓↑i4, a3↓↑i1
* information from P. Gerdes, see:
The solid can be plaited from one single (usually: palm leaf) strip.
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