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prime sum of squares
number puzzle(s)   requires JavaScript

A mouseclick on any number of the green-bordered area ("number-pool") moves this number into the first empty field of the red-bordered area ("game-area"); a click on any number of the game-area brings the number back to its original place in the pool.

Aim All numbers should be brought into the game area such that numbers in neighbouring fields always "fit" together, i.e.: depending on choice, the sum of every two neighbouring numbers must be a square or a prime, or the square sum of any two neighbouring numbers must be a prime.

The shape of the game-area and the game-rule may be changed
(change row or column size and/or click one of the radio-buttons on the right; a new window opens).

When "show" or "quick" is activated, a backtracking-algorithm will try to find a solution, interruption can be caused by clicking the option "mouse". When a solution is found, the algorithm will end, and in that case a search for another solution may be continued with the button "new solution". The delay (in milliseconds) regulates the frequency of image output, if "show" is activated.

© H.B. Meyer