Download of a small applet ("mag5.exe", 35 kb), written in VB 5, expected to run under every MS Windows version. The applet generates all 5x5 magic squares, where entries may be prescribed by the user.
fixed entries
the user may prescribe fixed entries, if no fixes are made, the program starts with the first possible 5x5 magic square.

the user made entries are tested; a passed test means no guaranty, that there exists a 5x5 magic square with these entries.

the search for 5x5 magic squares begins.
date and time of the start are displayed

window display
shows the search algorithm in action

causes a break, the user is asked whether to continue or not,
the program should always be terminated with this button !

solution number and the last found solution are displayed

stop at next solution
causes a break, when the next solution is found
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"mag5.exe" program download