Download or execution of a small applet ("nQueens.exe", 31 kb), written in VB 5, expected to run under all Windows versions. The program generates all solutions of the n Queens Problem (0 ≤ n ≤ 32): "Place n queens on a   n x n -chessboard, such that no queen attacks any other one."
fast computation of solutions for the n queens problem
input n input for the board width n (0 ≤ n ≤ 32)
fixed queens /
last shown position
the positions of certain queens may be prescribed (red). Input of j in column i means: a queen is placed in row j of column i of the board. Empty input leads to the lexicographically first solution. / The last shown position always will be displayed here.
test user input has to be tested before computation can start.
start/continue the computation starts or will be continued after interruption.
break interrupts a running computation.
next solution starts a search for the next solution, when a solution already has been found.
reset deletes all in- and output, returns the applet to its initial state.
quit finishes program execution and closes the applet window.
actual position display for the last computed position of queens. Number j in column i means: on the chessboard there is a queen in column i and row j. If the positions of n queens are shown, a solution is found.
state indicates the actual state of the applet.
solution number counts the number of solutions already found.
© H.B. Meyer
download or execute program "nQueens.exe"
deutsche Seite:  schnelle Berechnung von Lösungen des n-Damen-Problems

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